donderdag 19 november 2009

Used 1... Hip Hop

Hey guys...

I didn't want to post the obvious and well known "sampled" stuff (Dr. Dre, Snoop etc.), but here are a few hiphop-tracks (a), followed by the recordings that were sampled in these songs (b). I thought you might me interrested.


01a. The Hilltop Hoods- Nosebleed Section
01b. Melanie- People In The Front Row

02a. Dilated Peoples- Proper Propaganda
02b. New York City- Sanity

03a. Eric B & Rakim- Pass The Hand Grenade
03b. Betty Everett- Take Me

04a. Jeru The Damaja- Worldwide (feat. Frank n Dank)
04b. Kalyanji Anandji- Theme From Don (edit)

05a. Jay Z- Roc Boys
05b. Menahan Street Band- Make The Road By Walking

06a. DangerDoom- Old School
06b. Tony Newman- Soul Thing


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