vrijdag 25 december 2009

Abe's Batman Fever 1

I can't help it... I love Batman and therefor I love songs about Batman....


01. Intro
02. Jean & Dean- The Joker Is Wild
03. Adam West- The Story Of Batman
04. Nelson Riddler- Batman Riddles The Riddler
05. Gate Wesley And Band- Do The Batman
06. 60's Batman Radio Spot
07. Sonora Dinamita- La Cumbia De Batman
08. Nelson Riddler- Batgirl (Recorded from VHS)
09. Bobby Valentin- Batman Boogaloo

14 Minutes Of Bat-fun:

Abe Twist presents: 15 x Spinning Wheel

Merry Christmas everybody!

Here are 15 versions of the tune made famous by Blood, Sweat and Tears:


01. Blood Sweat & Tears- Spinning Wheel
02. James Brown- Spinning Wheel (Pt. 1)
03. Eddy Mitchell- Vieille Fille (Spinning Wheel)
04. Raulzinho- Spinning Wheel
05. Jimmy McGriff-Spinning Wheel
06. The Upsetters- Double Wheel
07. The Electric Indian- Spinning Wheel
08. Wade Marcus- Spinning Wheel
09. Horace Faith- Spinning Wheel
10. The Moog Machine- Spinning Wheel
11. Peggy Lee- Spinning Wheel
12. Howard Roberts- Spinning Wheel
13. Shirley Bassey- Spinning Wheel (DJ Spinna Mix)
14. James Brown- Spinning Wheel (Pt. 2)
15. Melanie Jonas & Dave Barker- Spinning Wheel


donderdag 17 december 2009

Weekend Podcast- Have A Good One!

Here's a 30 minute podcast/streaming-medley, with some great songs about sex, drugs and alcohol, to start off your weekend!

From country about LSD (?!) to reggea about pussy, from RnB about getting wasted to 60's pop about marijuana.

I think this is something I'll do more often, probably once every two weeks.

Have a good one ;)

(Don't do drugs though, drugs are bad...)


01. Intro
02. Rosco Gordon- Let's Get High
03. Wendell Austin- LSD
04. Mighty Tom Cats- Cheeba Cheeba (Abe Twist Edit)
05. Mike Clifford- Mary Jane
06. Max Romeo- Play With Your Pussy
07. Sugar Billy Garner- I Got Some (Satisfaction)
08. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott- Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild Wild Women
09. Soul Bros- Chicken and Booze (Abe Twist Edit)
10. Tom Waits- Jockey Full Of Bourbon
11. The Cramps- New Kind Of Kick
12. Johnny Cash- Cocaine Blues
13. Slyde- Sex & Drugs (feat. Chaz G & Lady Posh & Mr. Colin Owens)

Play with your poodle / pussy

Rockabilly- and reggeatime with these two versions of the same jolly old tune, which doesn't leave much to your imagination.

Not much difference in the lyrics, except for the word poodle and pussy.

Just some crazyness since it's almost weekend.


Johnny Buckett- Let Me Play With Your Poodle:

Max Romeo- Play With Your Pussy:

woensdag 16 december 2009

Same Song, Different Name

I recently discovered "Heart Trouble" by the Welsh band "Eyes of Blue" on this fantastic compilation of rare 60's beat, freakbeat, RnB, psych & soul, called "Go Gear! vol.5" (released on a label called "13th Dimension").
When I heard it for the first time I immediately fell in love with the song.

The original single was released in 1967.
Sadly there's not a whole lot of information to be found on the internet about this group.

As I first listened to the tune I noticed that the lyrics sounded familiar to me, and not much later it came to me: Funkadelic's "You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure" from the band's "Cosmic Slop"-album (released in '73) has taken a good bit of the lyrics of this song.

After some more searching I found out that the original tune was written by the Parliaments and released in 1965, two years before the release of Eyes Of Blues' version.

The Parliaments, who's style at that time would be best described as Northern Soul, would later on turn into Parliament and Funkadelic; two bands consisting of the same members, recording for different labels, and as we all know, were the main performers of the soul- and funk subgenre known as P-Funk. So that's were it all comes together...

Have a listen to all three tunes, they are equally great:

Eyes Of Blue- Heart Trouble:

The Parliaments- Heart Trouble:

Funkadelic- You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure:

PS. Later on George Clinton did another solo version of "Heart Trouble" which is just too awful to post here...

woensdag 9 december 2009

FUNK 8- Abe Twist Presents: A Swinging Collection of 15 Awesome Funktracks


01. Bettye Lavelle- Do Your Duty
02. Cyril Neville- Gossip
03. Black Nasty- Party On 4th Street (pt.1)
04. Sugar Billy Garner- I Got Some
05. Sugarpie Desanto- The Woo-Pee
06. African Pop Session- African Voodoo
07. Tony Camillo's Bazuka- Dynomite
08. Baby Huey- Hard Times
09. Fuzzy Huskins- The Fuzz and da Boog
10. Howart Tate- I'm Your Servant
11. Marsha Hunt- Oh No! Not The Beast Day
12. Keith Mansfield- Loot's The Root
14. Sugarpie Desanto & Etta James- In The Basement, Part One
15. The Jimmy Castor Bunch- The Bertha Butt Boogie Pt.1




A very goodlooking blog about the love for blaxploitationgenre; the films and the music that comes with it.
So very much to see, learn, listen and do in here.

The blog has no less than 27 Contributors, an extensive library of downloadable OST's, excellent and clear lay-out, loads of information about the films as well as screenshots from every single movie, a beautiful movie photo-album and they've even put a resource-roll on there.

You'll be at it for hours, I promise!


donderdag 3 december 2009

FUNK 7- Abe Twist Presents: A Swinging Collection of 15 Awesome Funktracks

Another 15 funky tracks in the Abe Twist series :)


01. Spanky Wilson- Sunshine Of Your Love
02. Guy Morris & Band- Cool It
03. Sly & The Family Stone- Underdog
04. Timebox- Beggin'
05. Sugar Pie DeSanto- Soulful Dress
06. Bo Diddley- I'm High Again
07. Brian Auger- Tiger
08. Underground Express- I Never Found A Girl (to love me the way you do)
09. Dum Dum- Art The Grass
10. Ernie Hawks- Soulful Trip Part 2
11. Lulu- Feeling Alright
12. Kris Peterson- Mama's Little Baby (Is A Big Girl Now)
13. Esther Marrow - Chains of Love
14. Ground Hog- Bumpin (Vocal)
15. Placebo- Humpty Dumpty