dinsdag 24 november 2009

FUNK 6- Abe Twist Presents: A Swinging Collection of 15 Awesome Funktracks

Another 15 funky tracks in the Abe Twist series :)


01. Gloria Lynne- If You Don't Get It Yourself (It Ain't Yours)
02. Earnest Jackson- Joy And Affection (Vocal)
03. Delights Orchestra- Do Your Thing
04. Body & Soul- In The Beginning
05. Harvey Scales- What's Good For You Don't Have To Be Good To You
06. Johnny Pearson- Assault Course
07. The Ikettes- Don't Feel Sorry For Me
08. Wendy & Bonnie- It's What's Really Happening
09. Peggy Lee- Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
10. Bo Diddley- Bite You
11. Conjunto Nueva Onda- Golden Soul
12. Kelly Gordon- Independently Poor
13. Howlin' Wolf- Three Hundred Pounds
14. Manua Holcolm- This Generation
15. Earnest Jackson- Joy And Affection (Instrumental)



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