maandag 16 november 2009

"Man In Black Mania"- Abe Twist Presents: 12 x Ring Of Fire (More To Come)

Here are twelve very nice, cool, weird or just plain silly cover-versions of this classic tune.
I know there are a thousand more versions of this song but they are basically all the same, these 12 are all very different.



01. Elvis Costello- Ring Of Fire
02. Tom Jones- Ring Of Fire
03. This Kid Named Miles- Ring of Fire
04. Frank Zappa- Ring Of Fire
05. Blondie- Ring Of Fire
06. Duane Eddy- Ring Of Fire
07. Social Distortion- Ring Of Fire
08. Skatalites- (Music Is My) Occupation (Ring Of Fire)
09. Malenczuk and Waglewski- Ring Of Fire
10. Eric Burdon & The Animals- Ring Of Fire
11. Grace Jones- Ring Of Fire (demo version)
12. Adam Lambert- Ring Of Fire

DOWNLOAD (Link fixed):


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