donderdag 19 november 2009

FUNK 5- Abe Twist Presents: A Swinging Collection of 15 Awesome Funktracks

Another 15 funky tracks in the Abe Twist series :)


01. Charles Whitehead- Between The Lines
02. The Sugarman Three- Cherry Pickin'
03. Five Stairsteps- Don't Change Your Love
04. Snooky and the Cosmic Flowers- Hearing Things
05. The Meters- I Need More Time
06. Ceasar Frazier- Funk It Down
07. Dudley Moore- Bedazzled
08. King Coleman- The Boo Boo Song
09. James Knight and the Butlers- Save Me
10. Keith Mansfield- Loot's The Root
11. Phil Flowers- If It Feels Good Do It
12. The Nilsmen- Sandstep
13. Randolph Bros- What It Is, pt 1&2
14. Zeke Strong & The Ladyetts- I Laugh & Talk (instr.)
15. The Newborn Hippopotamus- Jazz Rock Machine



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