maandag 16 november 2009

Funk 3- Abe Twist Presents: A Swinging Collection of 15 Awesome Funktracks


01. Georgie Fame- The 'In' Crowd
02. Orgone feat. Fanny Franklin- Who Knows Who
03. Mack Rice- Three People in Love
04. Mel Brown- Son Of A Preacher Man
05. New London Rhythm & Blues Band- Soulman
06. Pal & The Prophets- The Whip
07. Quantic Soul Orchestra- The Dreaming Mind Part 2
08. Rob Agerbeek Quintet - The Chair Da
09. Bobby Adams- Love Ain't Nothing But A Business(Inst.)
10. Eli 'Paperboy' Reed & The True Loves- I'm Gonna Getcha Back
11. Frankie Beverley - Love (your pain goes deeper)
12. Groundhog- Bumpin' (Instr.)
13. Felice Taylor- I Can Feel Your Love
14. The Herbaliser feat Jessica Darling- You're Not All That
15. Dobie Gray- The 'In' Crowd


FUNK 3- A Swinging Collection By ABE TWIST

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