zondag 3 januari 2010

Same Song, Different Name

"Uptight (Everything's Alright)" is ofcourse the 1966 hitsingle recorded by Stevie Wonder for the Motown label (it was then still called Tamla Motown). One of his most popular early singles, "Uptight" was the first Stevie Wonder single to be co-written by the artist.

One year later, 1967, Bill Cosby recorded and released his single "Little Ole Man", off his musical comedy album "Bill Cosby Sings" (Warner Bros).
He basically took the Wonder song and put new words to it.

In 1969 reggea-singer Delroy Wilson released a record called "Good All Over" (Coxsone/Studio 1) with a song on it called "Funky Broadway" (not to be confused with another song called Funky Broadway, by Bobby Powell, released in the same year), which is obviously a re-work of the Uptight-song by Stevie Wonder with some different words.
It's hard to describe the style of the song. As someone mentioned on Youtube: "Is it reggea? Or is it Northern Soul?"
Anyways, it just kicks ass if you ask me.

Give all three songs a listen!

Stevie Wonder- Uptight (Everything Is Alright) (1966)

Bill Cosby: Little Ole Man (1967)

Delroy Wilson- Funky Broadway (1969)

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